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Unique Cake Flavours You Will Love

Unique Cake Flavours You Will Love

There are birthdays, anniversaries, weddings where you crave a nicely baked chocolate/vanilla cake or cake of any other regular flavour. Then there are midnight cravings and other occasions when you want to try something different and exotic. Here are unique and fusion cake flavours for your sweet tooth.

Chocolate Pleasures: There are always a few people on the guest list that are chocoholics. These chocolate fashion cakes will be a delightful treat for all of them.

  • Chocolate Red Velvet Cake: A cake that gives you the best of both worlds– chocolate and red velvet. A red velvet cake layered with dark chocolate frosting. The layers are then covered in dark chocolate buttercream roses. And a red velvet sponge crumb is sprinkled over the cake. If you are drooling with the idea of it, avail yourself of it’s cake delivery in Mainpuri.
  • Vanilla and Chocolate Cake: A classic cake combination that is sure to please the taste buds of people who are in love with these two flavours. A vanilla-chocolate cake is the perfect balance of two flavours that is neither too sweet nor too dark.
  • Strawberry Chocolate Cake: a berry delicious cake because it has a chocolate filling in it. Strawberry cake with chocolate frosting makes for a toothsome delight to fill your hearts and soul with much sweetness.
  • Chocolate Orange Cake: If you are bored with the regular orange and chocolate cake, try this fusion chocolate orange cake. Orange cake is layered and covered in chocolate frosting with orange crumbs on the top.

Fruit Treats: Fruit cakes are for experiencing a burst of flavours blended perfectly with tropical sweetness.

  • Mango Cake: Summers and mango go hand-in-hand. A whipped cream cake filled with mango puree, bits and pieces is the perfect way to relish the sweetness and fruitiness of tropical mangoes.
  • Kiwi Cake: Experience a mouthful of sweetness perfectly blended with a fruitiness in a kiwi cake. Whipped cream layers with kiwi chunks and kiwi fruit filling on top are the ideal summer treat.
  • Raspberry Cake: A taste inspired by the raspberry ice-cream. Layers of raspberry sponge cake smeared with vanilla buttercream, raspberry sauce, and fresh raspberries on top. A treatful experience for fruit lovers.
  • Coconut Cake: A light sweet cake for satiating your sweet tooth cravings. Plain coconut cake or coconut cake with spiced rum buttercream; pick any of it to taste the freshness of coconut and sweetness of whipped cream.

Caffeine Hit: Coffee/tea lovers are always in need of a caffeine hit. These coffee/tea cakes in unique flavours promise a delightful experience.

  • Vanilla Caffe Latte: Vanilla tastes good with all flavours. It tastes great with a caffe latte. Coffee cake dressed in vanilla whipped cream with a brewing taste of caffe latte best suited for your morning and evening treats.
  • Coffee Mocha Cake: A creamy coffee mocha cake with dreamy chocolate fillings and chocolate sprinkles on the side for a burst of coffee flavour in the mouth.
  • Espresso with Chocolate Icing Cake: The intense flavour of chocolate and espresso is to die for. Coffee is known to enhance the flavours of chocolate and that’s the specialty of this espresso cake with chocolate icing.
  • Tea Chocolate Cake: Feel the aroma and flavour of hot piping tea in a cake layered with chocolate frosting inside-out. Let your evening tea time be sweet and delicious.

These unique and fusion cake flavours will surely give you a treatful cake eating experience. You can order these cakes for any of your celebrations or otherwise as well when you crave something sweet and delicious.