Wednesday 28 February 2024
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Restaurant Management 101

Restaurant Management 101

Managing a restaurant is quite a cumbersome task. Be it a cloud kitchen or a brick-and-mortar restaurant, you need to manage several functions. However, with a modern day restaurant management software, life has become much easier for restaurant managers.

Key benefits of a restaurant management software

Go contactless –

In the post-Covid world customers don’t want to stay in long queues anymore. With a digital restaurant management platform such as Inresto POS, now diners can reserve the tables at your restaurant. Instead of cash payments, they can pay the bill using digital payment platforms such as Google Pay and Paytm. After completing meals, they can provide feedback using the digital feedback system. In short the restaurant management software offers an absolutely contactless dining experience for your customers.

Evaluate your employees –

It’s quite important to evaluate the performance of your restaurant staff. With the restaurant POS, check their login times, time taken to serve the dish, customer handling skills etc. By evaluating the staff performance on various parameters, now it’s pretty easy to improve your service levels.

Offer personalised service –

Imagine a diner who is making a repeated visit at your restaurant. With the help of the insights provided by the software, now you can reserve a table of his/her choice. The servers can recommend their favourite dish. Such personalised offerings would no doubt lead to customer delight. The survey conducted by Infosys shows that 59% of shoppers who have experienced personalization believe it plays a major influence in purchasing decisions.

Manage your loyalty programs –

A digital loyalty program lets you customise your loyalty program. Come up with a program where you can offer loyalty points on the basis of the amount spent or the number of visits. The option of instant redemption makes your loyalty program more attractive. Extend special offers to your loyal customers so that it will lead to more footfalls. With timely notifications, keep the diners informed on the loyalty points earned.

Parting Words

With a robust restaurant management software, now you can manage multiple functions effortlessly. Spanning from marketing to restaurant billing software, loyalty programs and table reservations to employee management, it covers all aspects of restaurant management.