Friday 1 December 2023
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What Do You Want in a Wedding Cake Design?

What Do You Want in a Wedding Cake Design?

Wedding cakes come in various designs and configurations. Therefore, what you choose in a cake can be specialised to your specific preferences. You just need to make a decision with respect to cost, the number of guests attending your nuptials, and the kind of cake that you want to serve.

What Flavour of Cake Do You Want?

After all, wedding cakes in Melbourne should not be chosen by design alone. You also have to consider the cake and icing. Many people like to choose the traditional white wedding cake with buttercream-type frosting. Other people like to choose cakes that are chocolate or non-traditional with white icing. What you choose will be based on the décor of your wedding and your own individual tastes.

You also have to consider the tiers you want and the decorations. Maybe you are holding a wedding with a specific and unique theme. Therefore, you may want the cake to follow the theme. Some wedding cake customers like to include beautiful flowers on their cakes whilst others prefer to add decorations such as ivy during the holidays.

Sticking with the Traditional

What you choose, again, will be based on personal preference and what you like to eat for a cake. People who are not sure about the cake usually choose the traditional white cake for their guests. That way, they will not get any surprises. However, some customers are more daring and want to opt for a chocolate cake with white icing or a peach-flavoured cake for their receptions.

You also have to choose what tops the wedding cake. Whilst you can add the expected little icons of bride and bridegroom, you may also add a decoration such as a star at Christmastime or a beautiful flower for a wedding reception in the spring or summer.

You Can Think Outside the Wedding Cake Box

You do not have to follow a specific format when you choose a wedding cake. You can even choose a cake without a tiered design. For instance, if you will not have that many guests at your wedding, you may choose a square wedding cake design that is more expansive. Other wedding customers like two-tiered cakes that are broader dimensionally. That is what you have to keep in mind — the dimensions and width of the cake.

Whilst most wedding cake creations are round, you can also have a wedding cake made in a certain figure or choose a rectangular style. Once more, take a count of your guests first before deciding on the design of your wedding cake.

If you want a more expansive cake, such as one for 500 guests, choose a three- or four-tier cake and include floral decorations for a traditional wedding. Choose the flowers on the cake in relation to the season. For instance, you may want to include pink roses for a summer wedding. These are always popular choices on summer wedding cakes.

If you plan to have a smaller wedding, such as one for about 100 guests, choose a two-tiered wedding cake for a traditional wedding. In either case, make sure that the cake is dimensionally fairly wide to accommodate your guests.