Wednesday 28 February 2024
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Learn How to Maintain Perfect Time for Preparing Delectable Turkey in a Smoker

Learn How to Maintain Perfect Time for Preparing Delectable Turkey in a Smoker

Turkey is the weakness of people in North America. It is generally considered as the most important food for Thanksgiving. Turkey is prepared in different ways. Traditionally, it was roasted and offered as a dish to family members in Thanksgiving. With new ideas of cooking, people have come out with the latest recipes for preparing turkey. In all forms, turkey is one of the richest food for any occasion.

Smoked turkey is another delicacy that people enjoy during barbecue. It gives them the privilege to enjoy with guests in party. Otherwise, when someone decides to roast a turkey at home it takes up the entire day in marinating, coating, filling and roasting. Grilling turkey in smoke also assures you that you can check whenever you want if it is cooked properly. Also, that smoky taste brings out flavors in it because of the oil that rubbed on it.

Here are few steps that can guide you better in knowing the way to roast a turkey on fire and not in an oven –

  • Turkey is cooked for around 30 minutes. Thus, your temperature of smoke should be around 235 degrees.
  • If your turkey is supposed to be juicy then you need to place a pan underneath so that all juice and oil drips on that tray.
  • You need to pour some water so that the dripping should dry out. Keep checking the pan while cooking to ensure that the water doesn’t dry out, otherwise you can pour more water into it.
  • Now it’s time to prepare your turkey therefore cut out the giblet and neck. Rinse it nicely to remove all dirt and keep it clean.
  • Pin the wings with toothpick to body so that they don’t tangle out while cooking. Keeping the bird tightly packed is good for you to cook neatly.
  • Before putting it in the smoker, spice rub it with your favorite flavor. Any flavor that you select will remain there when you taste it, so you need to select the best spice.
  • Rub this spice all over the body and put it inside as well to loosen the breast to fill the entire space with spices nicely.
  • Once your smoker is on the desired temperature, place your turkey on it and keep brushing it with oil and your spice every 10 minutes.
  • Keep increasing the smoke by adding wood to it and apply oil when required.
  • Once your turkey is prepared, you can then wrap it in a foil to make it tender and juicy. The flavor spreads evenly and after a while you can remove the foil.
  • Now it’s time to serve it to your guests.

There are many things that have to be kept in mind. First, you cannot increase the temperature that can undercook your turkey from inside. Secondly, if you wish to baste your turkey you will have to wait till it is cooked properly.